WhoTeach’s Components

The 4 components (modules) of WhoTeach integrate and reinforce each other, providing a synchronous and asynchronous online learning experience suitable for any educational context. Let's discover them together!





Learning Management System


Learning Management System (LMS) is a learning management platform that allows you to upload, deliver and manage high quality courses and contents allowing a complete and rewarding learning experience, both for the teacher and the student.

Thanks to its numerous functions, LMS facilitates the planning and personalization of training courses.

The LMS is structured in categories, whose definition and organization is left to the preferences and needs of the teacher in a flexible way.

As well as the categories, the organization of the contents is freely chosen and defined by the teacher, with the possibility of drawing on an extensive predefined list of activities and resources.

The system allows you to upload documents and content in any format and to verify learning using the special tools available. IThe LMS is equipped with tracking systems and timers encoding the actual time spent on the learning material. The platform is equipped with resources such as quiz of various formats and types.

Thanks to the presence of registers and reports, WhoTeach guarantees total control over the students’ activities, in terms of activities and timing.
It also provides the possibility to issue a certificate of participation upon passing the course.




E-PORTFOLIO is a peer to peer (P2P) platform integrated in WhoTeach® that enriches and stimulates the sharing of training experiences.

It is the ideal tool for sharing knowledge among peers, domain experts and teachers.

By joining thematic groups and discussion forums, students, teachers and experts can share information and contents, which can then be included in a repository (knowledge library).

In addition, E-PORTFOLIO is useful for providing valid feedback on the quality of the teaching material used during the courses.

Moreover, the platform allows you to create a personal profile by uploading a wide range of information on professional backgrounds and personal ambitions.

The latter feature is used by the training institutes to publish curricular and professional profiles of their students and by companies for the creation of dynamic groupworks that require specific skills and experiences of their employees.


WhoTeach Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is a Recommendation System (RS) which, through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), helps experts and teachers to aggregate educational material, suggesting the most suitable contents for users’ needs, based on their profile, personal skills and previously visited resources.

The Recommender System (RS) works through a massive use of metadata and learning algorithms, to identify, classify and suggest the most relevant contents.

AI models, supporting knowledge management, allow the optimization, creation and improvement of courses by reducing the time required by experts and teachers.



WhoTeach Live


The Live platform allows to manage online classes in a virtual classroom endowed with many functionalities: