P2P Platform

The integrated WhoTeach® Social P2P platform enriches and stimulates the sharing of training experiences and teaching materials.

WhoTeach presents a P2P platform, WhoTeach Social, integrated with the other components, and highly interactive. Through it, learners can interact and cooperate in learning paths, exchanging information and sharing content. In addition, it provides feedback from learners about the quality of the learning materials, as well as help from domain experts and other teachers (as in a peer review process). Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

WhoTeach Social allows users to create groups, to interact internally and develop content that can then be placed in a content marketplace. Learning materials and resources can be shared, so that feedback and opinions can be exchanged, as well as content updates from experts

  1. CONTENT: From here you can access and edit your profile
  2. MY PORTFOLIO: Consult the saved and shared material (the contents of the portfolio can be exported/imported in HTML and Leap2A formats)
  3. GROUPS: From here you can access and manage groups and social communities

    CREATE – SHARE – ENGAGE: These features allow you to create your own portfolio, share your achievements in a controlled environment and interact in forums

  4. RETURN TO WHOTEACH E-LEARNING: Quickly return to the WhoTeach® e-learning platform
  5. ONLINE USERS: Interact with other active users